Overseas Business Establishment

Fortem Genus has 34 years of experience in facilitating business operations overseas in commercial, military and diplomatic applications. We have provided secure housing and guided companies through complex foreign licensing requirements from luxury corporate venues to active war zones.

Fortem Genus has situated successful businesses throughout the world, in such challenging environments as Iraq and Nigeria to luxury venues in Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Kuala Lampur, the Philippines,

Our American and local national teams can help already established businesses expand their reach in-country, or provide advance teams to acquire housing and corporate headquarters fully furnished for your arrival.

Among the services we can provide:

  • Acquisition and lease/purchase of corporate headquarters, warehouses & distribution centers, and employee housing. Facilities can be turned over empty or fully furnished to your specifications.
  • Security for VIPs and facilitation of visas, travel & events, as well as risk assessments & mitigation plans.
  • Fleet supply & maintenance in commercial locations, and personal protection services in war zones and areas of civil unrest.
  • Coordination with local suppliers and manufacturers, to include: food service sourcing & hygienic raw food storage; Internet, phone and IT services; event facilities, equipment, permits, and advertising; fabrication and design; staff vetting.
  • We can help you navigate difficult foreign administrative processes, including lease and business licensing; liaison with local law enforcement & politicians; and insulate your company from extortion and bribery.
  • Fortem Genus can advise your company on all aspects of business establishment, cutting time and costs so you can concentrate on what matters to you: the success of your business venture.


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