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Fortem Genus, Inc.

Protecting The Present • Preserving The Future

We have the capacity to address all national, local, or commercial security needs

Innovative • Complete Solutions • Experience

Fortem Genus is experienced in working with the most innovative defense manufacturers to implement complete security solutions for governments, companies, and individuals worldwide. 

Fortem Genus Global Relationships

Fortem Genus, through long-term engagements around the world, maintains a diverse network of political and commercial partners with specializations in a variety of sectors, including large-scale infrastructure investment, government relations, technological innovation, and more. 

Our principals and partners help you to achieve your goals by shaping nuanced guidance for designing flagship projects and strategies, acquiring sustainable funding, and engaging technical assistance to ensure success.


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Fortem Genus Security has partnered with some of the top cyber experts in the world to address multifaceted cyber strategies solving today's cyber challenges and furthering today's cyber technologies. Our veteran Special Operations personnel understand the needs of the special operator in the field, and the structural  performance capability of the vehicle in battle conditions. 

Fortem Genus, with over three decades of experience, has been successful in providing security and risk mitigation solutions and logistical support to major corporations invested in some of the world’s most hostile areas.  Possessing the capabilities and resources to deliver extensive critical support and management, we have a proven and solid track record of pioneering coherent and comprehensive strategies to meet our client’s needs. 

Fortem Genus Security is committed to making the best forces in the world even better. In conjunction with our partners, we provide training and instruction on everything that a military or security force needs to confidently address global threats.  

Our experts have experience building military might and training elite units around the world. These include: Military and police operational training, complete training for special forces, SWAT, and elite security teams. We also offer training for forensic DNA extraction, intelligence analysis and training, instructing on data recovery and forensics, and IT threats, countermeasures, and preparation.