Our veteran Special Operations personnel understand the needs of the special operator in the field, and the structural  performance capability of the vehicle in battle conditions.


  • Armored vehicles, APCs, and customized surveillance vehicles
  • Ground surveillance radar
  • Manufacturing capacity for military equipment and components
  • An extensive catalog of defense products

Repair & Painting

  • Repair and rebuilding of ordnance damaged vehicles
  • Structural repair and replacement due to accidents or rough usage
  • Normal vehicle road damage
  • Standard and custom painting of vehicles, including proprietary camouflage


  • Standard (visible) HMMWV up-armor
  • Up-Armor (not visible) of commercial local surveillance vehicles
  • Up-Armor of Government Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Reinforcement of PSD and escort vehicles
  • Elimination of “ballistic gaps” in armored vehicles
  • Armor and Ballistic Glass


  • High Impact Ram Bumper (Patent Pending) with Cargo boxes and tow hooks
  • Slip Resistant Rear Troop Dismount Step with full winch & towing capability (prevents troop leg damage and crushing during collision or impact)
  • Turret glass design to prevent spent casing “blow-back”
  • A-frame and/or Swing-arm spare tire mounting brackets
  • Swing-Arm Gun Mount plates & brackets
  • Recessed ammunition storage for rear gun mounts
  • Interior shackles for troop tethers

Command & Control and Electronic Surveillance Vehicles

  • Custom antenna tethers and brackets
  • Concealed surveillance equipment racks
  • Concealed storage areas (false bottom/sides/dashboard) in commercial vehicles

Emergency Response Military Vehicles

  • Installation of a ballistic wall between the driver’s compartment & the rear cargo area
  • Lockable emergency door in the main cabin plate (Litter Hatch) designed to fit a standard U.S. military stretcher for transporting causalities
  • Compartment fabrication designed to secure litters
  • Easy-access custom designed medical supply and litter storage
  • Patented front Ram Bumper and custom easy-dismount rear bumper with winch